online training applies registering innovation to learning and there are a few things that we can do by applying innovation that we were unable to do in homerooms before accordingly improving the entire learning experience in the conventional study hall understudies may endure a one-hour address with online exceptionally positioned addresses with learning groupings let me gather the knowns on the correct hand side understudies watch a five seven-minute video and afterward they do an intuitive exercise and they do a video again to an activity so this way it's dynamic realizing where understudies are drawing in with the materials as they come we can utilize PC innovation to do the reviewing and that permits us to give moment input to the understudies and it's been known in the writing and learning science that moment criticism can be something worth being thankful for authority based learning is something to be thankful for where you continue taking a stab at something till you hit the nail on the head arriving at your understudies essentially boundless attempts they can continue trying a lot and attempting until they get something right and afterward they can proceed onward to the following subject with web based learning offered used to hitting delay rewind indeed our students are disclosing to us that with a portion of the recordings they can rewind on numerous occasions numerous understudies quiet the video read the record and watch the video at one direct multiple times toward speed when the settle down and we will discuss natural chemistry macromolecules the self then this empowers substantially more of an independent an adaptable way of learning we can be significantly more captivating to the understudy we acquire game-like encounters in internet adapting so to act as an illustration of the EDX stage we have numerous online reenactment based research centers so here our understudies can fabricate things with Lego like office and by doing that they get drawn in they get gamification in the image they can continue trying constantly with different sorts of segments on the web and the gamification can be connecting with for understudies through these online labs lastly peer learning on the web conversation gathering understudies are posing inquiries and working with one another responding to one another's inquiries and generally by cooperating and addressing questions and gaining from one another that unadulterated way of learning can be considerably more captivating and numerous understudies learn by instructor so these are a few instances of how web based learning can truly assist understudies with learning a customary technique