All you need to know about Sniper 3D game for Android


Sniper 3D game for Android is one of the best free action games offered for Android phones, and it attracts a large segment of players who love fighting and violent games, and the most important thing that distinguishes it and attracts players to it is its ease of control and its realistic graphics that make the player live the joy of war and fighting in all its details.


Description of Sniper 3D game

The sniper game is one of the most exciting games that the Play Store offers its users for free. It is a war game in which the player plays the role of the killer using a sniper rifle professionally and wonderfully, carrying out the tasks that are requested of him, and the player can enjoy a range of different and distinctive weapons on the sniper game And experience the fun of shooting.

Information about Sniper 3D game

You can find the game under the name Sniper 3D Assassin.

The game is available with the latest version 7.4.

To download and enjoy the game, your phone must be running Android 1 or higher.

The sniper game comes in a size of 96MB.

The game is characterized by the fact that it comes in the form of an exciting movie that attracts players to fight and fight terrorism and help the police in eliminating gangs, so the player does not feel bored of carrying out missions.

Sniper 3D game mode for Android

The sniper game consists of several different levels in the degree of difficulty, and at each level the player reaches, he is asked to carry out a different and difficult assassination mission. And more difficult, the player must be prepared for many different and exciting missions, such as getting rid of criminals, helping the police, eliminating gangs, or liberating the hostages. This is to help him in carrying out his tasks accurately and quickly, and he can shoot professionally and from long distances.

How to download Sniper 3D game for Android

In order to be able to download the sniper game on your Android phone without any problems or obstacles, you must follow the following steps: Enter the Play Store and search for the game Sniper 3D.

When the phone has finished downloading the game from Google Play, the game will appear on your phone screen.

Now you can click on the game and read the details and then enjoy the fun and exciting gaming experience.

What is the new update for the game?

The sniper game comes with a new version that contains many features that improve the fun of playing and make the player live the experience with all the excitement and realism. These features are:

The game provides the player with 3D surveillance cameras.

The game contains many distinctive and powerful characters of the sniper.

The weapons in the game have been updated and different types have been added that increase the fun of playing and the accuracy of sniping from long distances.

Human voices have been added to the game to add more realism. The scary sounds make the killing experience exciting and fun.

Features of Sniper 3D game for Android

The sniper game contains many features that made it one of the best action games. It also attracts players greatly, as it gives them the passion to play and excitement and makes them experience playing in a distinctive, fun and closer to realism way because of its graphics. Among the features that make the sniper game the best:

One of the best free action games.

The sniper game is available on the Play Store, so owners of Android phones can download it without any obstacles or problems.

A new version is now available for all sniper game lovers with features that make it the most powerful version in the history of the game.

The game is characterized by realistic and high-resolution graphics and 3D graphics, so the player can see the bullet launch and hit the target, and after carrying out the mission, he can see his team heading to the place of carrying out the mission, and this indicates the accuracy of the realistic graphics in it.

The game offers players the fun of cooperating with the police, fighting terrorists and killing gangs through chases.

The sniper game contains a lot of different, interesting and exciting missions, so the player does not get bored while carrying out the missions.

The player can easily change his weapon and buy many different weapons through the game store.

And because the game is presented to owners of Android phones, it comes with an easy, fast and accurate control method, and the player can switch between more than one weapon quickly and easily.

The player can use the drone to be able to detect the locations of the target with ease to eliminate it.

The game contains many technologies that make it easier for the player to spend his mission, such as stealth technology and disabling cameras, and the player can sneak without attracting attention.

The player can choose between several sniper characters with different skills according to the player’s specific skills to carry out the mission.

The game does not need the phone to be connected to the Internet, so the player can enjoy playing it at any time.

The game has a multiplayer feature, so the player can share with his friends playing online.

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