I Will Not be a Loser Anymore

This is perhaps the most befuddling question I’ve at any point seen.

You brag that you have succeeded and have a decent emotionally supportive network, yet at the same time some way or another vibe like a loser… There are a couple of conceivable outcomes on why you feel such:

Your companions outperformed your achievements throughout everyday life, causing you to feel like your all-around great achievements feel normal. It is normal for individuals to feel like they are normal in a first-class school assuming most others in that school are more noteworthy despite the fact that there is a major world out there brimming with below-average individuals.
You didn’t actually procure your achievements all alone or acquired them the legit way and conceivably pursued a faster route or assist with accomplishing them. Thus, you feel like you got more than you feel you merited. You can watch the video below

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