Is Mobile Legends Worth Playing? | First Mobile Legends Game Review 2021


To be a 100% truthful honest review of the game I have been playing this game for about three weeks now so I’ve kind of gotten the lay of the land I played Mobile Legends for years and years and years and years so I’m not new to the MOBA genre so I think I have some legs to stand on doing a review of this game the very first thing we are going to look at obviously is the game play is the game play worth investing time in is it smooth is it well done does it captivate you does it want to make you come back and continue playing well take a look at this clip and decide for yourself get out of the way carry there we go there we go i’ve got saber coming up behind us all right I don’t have cooldowns I don’t have cooldowns well we don’t need them Maniac suckers oh that’s what’s up that’s the supp wait every time I look at that clip I for me I mean I’ve been playing for three weeks and I’m already a maniac at the game that’s what it said that’s what it said maniac so I mean what do you know the gameplay is actually very very well done it’s smooth for me it doesn’t lag it’s a really really fun enjoyable experience that makes me want to come back and get better at the game it is it’s 10 out of 10 it is a 10 out of 10 gameplay experience and like I said this isn’t me being sponsored this is true I really think they did an outstanding job with the gameplay of this game that’s the gameplay that’s a snapshot of the gameplay I hope you download the game and try it out for yourself it’s a free to play game so you’re not gonna be spending any money on the game you’re just gonna be investing a little bit of time to try it out for yourself another thing a big huge pro about this game like i said i come from League of Legends and an average game of League of Legends can run anywhere from thirty to forty minutes that’s the deist that’s a long time in mobile legends in mobile legends a game is typically over around the 20-minute mark the longest game I think I’ve ever had was 25 minutes with most games ending anywhere at you know around 15 minutes so it’s a much much faster pace experience you don’t have to invest so many you know it’s a big portion of your time trying to play games in mobile legends the games are much much faster you play a lot more of them and for me that’s a lot better I have I have my husband I had two kids I don’t have time to sit at my computer for 40 minutes at a time and play play game and League of Legends this is perfect for me it’s on my phone I can play it in bed I can play it sitting on the couch I don’t have to be just stuck at my computer that’s a huge pro that’s a huge Pro if you come from League of Legends or dota 2 you probably know what I’m talking about that is a huge Pro of the game so the gameplay is very very smooth a job well done and the game times are much much shorter than your average MOBA game out there those are two very very giant pros moving on to the heroes of the game in League of Legends they are called champions in this game they are called heroes ask my stream I get that wrong all the time and I’m sorry about that I’m sorry about that it’s difficult old habits die hard the heroes of this game whenever I first downloaded the game I wasn’t sure how many heroes they would have I thought it was a mobile game I don’t know how seriously people took it there’s not gonna be that many heroes to play but as you can see I was dead wrong about that there are a ton of heroes to play in all different roles that you expect in a MOBA game you have your fighter role for melee damage who likes to get in bam-bam-bam get some kills this is your melee fighter physical damage class you also have the assassin class which is kind of what I’m more prone to play for those of you who like to be a little little bit more sneaky and strategic about how you’re going around killing your enemies this class would be perfect for you marksmen for those of you who like to stand in the back during a teamfight with a gun or a bow and arrow and do damage that way a ton of different and unique heroes to play for you no shortage there mage for those of you who also like to stand in the back but like to do magic damage more burst oriented damage than the marksman we got you set up boo we got you set up ton of different heroes for you to play here and in the support role for those of you who don’t want to be a Carrie you want to support your teammates rather than be the frontman yourself we’ve got that role for you as well now you’ll notice I didn’t talk much about tank and here’s why like I said I’ve been playing this game for for three weeks and I have this confirmed by higher rank people than me not a lot of people want to play tank it’s not the most popular role by any means games are always lacking out on someone playing a tank I’m not entirely sure why that is but I’m being honest this is my honest truthful guide of this game not a lot of people want to play tank so for you if you want to be a tank player that’s the role that you find that you enjoy well all power to you because you will have no competition getting the heroes that you want because no one else is going to play them so that’s kind of a con of the game no one really plays this role there’s tons of heroes for it there’s tons of heroes for it so you can if you want to you’d be unique and like I said you would definitely get the hero that you want to play because no one else is taking them so we looked at gameplay game time the heroes of the game now one of the coolest features about this game this is another pro and a con that I’m going to talk about with it if you look over here that this scrolling bar that I’m flicking through this is my friends list people that I have met streaming the game and playing the game that I that I play games with I love I love this feature you know it’s a mobile game I’m glad that it has this feature since it is an online game you could invite your friends to come play with you so you don’t have to play by yourself now here’s a con and I don’t know I guess there’s really nothing they can do to fix it but I’m on them I’m on the North American server and if I try to play with someone on the Europe server or the Asian server the game is gonna lag for that particular player if we’re on the North American server and they’re playing with me their gameplay is gonna lag if they invite me to a game and I’m playing on the Asian server my gameplay is gonna lag just because we’re not on the we’re not on the right server you’re gonna have ping issues and that’s gonna affect the gameplay I don’t know I don’t think there’s any possible way to fix that but just being a player that that’s going to happen if you try to play with people not on your same server so as a North American player naturally I try to stick to play with North American people so there’s no wag involved and everybody can enjoy the gameplay experience be aware of that know that it’s in there it’s still a very fun feature but just keep an eye on that for you another pro of the game is all the different game modes that this game has to offer right here we have the classic normal mode this is a 5 vs. 5 standard game play it’s not it’s not ranked so you’re not you know there’s no real pressure in this you can invite your friends have a wonderful time playing the normal classic game mode but for those of you who want to be more competitive you want to climb up the ranking ladder test your skills against like-minded players they have that option for you as well.

The ranked mode do you want to put your skills to the test and climb up the ranked lighter you can spend time doing exactly that for me this is great I’m a very competitive person I always hate losing and I always will so I’d like to see I’d like to test my skills against other play to improve my own game and to get the enjoyment out of climbing up the ladder it’s a really really fun experience for me personally we also have the mode called brawl if you if you’re familiar with League of Legends this is the a ram of the game it is a single lane one lane five versus five so you have tin tin heroes crowded in a single Lane bashing the heck out of each other until you defeat the enemy Nexus it’s chaotic it’s chaotic it’s very fun but man it’s if you want to kind of practice teamfights that’s the place to do it if you want to play against the computer just for practicing you can custom this is,

I really enjoy customs last night on stream I challenged my viewers to have one versus one and we use the custom mode to do that you go into custom you can select classic or brawl and you can invite your friends to come play the game with you and so we did a one versus one last night I completely owned every single one of them because I’m a maniac right I remember I’m a maniac at this game they didn’t stand a chance it was a lot of fun for me and not for them so if you want to invite your friends and just play with them you certainly can in the custom game mode I’m really glad that they have this feature here the arcade this is where the game the the different game modes that the company comes out with is gonna be here right now we are featuring the mayhem game mode it is a much faster paced game than the normal classic mode it’s a lot of fun a lot of people are very very into this right now so if you want to take a break from playing the normal classic game and see what mode they have out in the arcade go for it there’s no shortage of game modes you’re not going to get bored playing this game 100% they have all the heroes that you could ever want to play you saw the list of heroes there’s a ton of them they have all the roles take fighter mage assassin support they have everything you want in a MOBA game now here’s a big con for me and my honest truthful review of the game here is a big con for me as you can see here heroes can be worth anywhere from fifteen thousand gold to twenty-four thousand gold to thirty-two thousand gold that is the max 32 thousand and in the top right of the screen you will see I currently have 23 thousand gold it does take a while to get enough gold to buy another hero I’m I’m not gonna lie to you I’m not gonna sugarcoat it it takes a little bit of time to buy your next hero and let me tell you kind of why I think that is at least a part of it it’s a mobile game mobile games are notoriously known for money they want your money right so you can either continue to play the game play the game play the game and get the gold needed to unlock a new hero or you can pull out your fancy dancy wallet and buy the heroes yourself if you have the means to do so and you want to you certainly can or if you’re highly irresponsible with your money you can also do that as well for me I don’t spend money on this game as of yet I don’t plan on it and so

I’m grinding out the game until I can unlock the next hero but the fun part about it is that the game is worth spending that amount of time in it is worth it the gameplay the game length of the matches it’s all worth it to me it’s not a burnout I’m not really mad about that this is just a fact it takes a while to be able to unlock the next hero so now we’re gonna get into miscellaneous we touched on all the big topics of the game now we’re gonna get into more miscellaneous matters things that I find really cool about the game itself so the first one I’ll say is on the bottom of the screen there’s something called leader and if you if you find a hero that you want to spend time playing you go to the leaderboards come down here to the heroes tab find the hero that you’re maining click on them and you can see who is number one at playing that particular hero why is this important oh because you can then find out who’s number one or you know in the top five and inspect what build that they’re using when they play the game you can see the items that they’re building the the battle spell that they use and the emblems or the rune system that they use when they play this particular hero so if you’re new to the game like I am this is a feature that I use all the time whenever I want to play a new hero I go to the leaderboard see what items I need to be building see the build that I need to have so that I don’t I can play the hero better and have a higher wind percentage on that particular hero that’s a very very cool feature that I think is is very very handy so that way you can learn the game better you can start to learn what items you need to build what is strong and it really helps out a lot you can google the you know the same information but having it built into the game itself is a pretty cool feature another wonderful feature that I think they have in this game I don’t know how many people know about this necessarily if you are new to the MOBA genre if this is the first time you’re playing this type of game they have a terms guide right here for you you can see what all everything means common terms you can you can sit and get updated on the lingo of this game so you can talk to your teammates they can talk to you and so you’ll know what everything means this may not be important for some of you who are watching this and already know this information but for new players I really really like this so they they can understand what is going on so ladies and gentlemen there you have it that is my complete is this game worth playing the answer is a resounding yes it is a resounding yes download the game it’s free to play all you have to waste is a little bit of time if you don’t like it but you’re gonna like it I’ve been playing for three weeks I’m absolutely hooked I can’t wait to be playing more


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