Mobile Legends game details and explanation


It is one of the Battle Royale games, i.e. the arena of war games, in which you can use the fighting character from among the characters that are automatically selected through the game system, and it is from five characters against five other characters who are chosen randomly from all countries of the world or you can share with friends who you can Gain them through the game.

Mobile Legends supports a lot of characters called Hero or heroes, and each character has a special character and is also distinguished by the difference between each character from the other, such as movements, skills, and strikes. It also has a special interface that differs from the rest of the other games to attract players. The game was released in 2016 and gained more than 100 million download it on the official Google store. The game space does not exceed 100 MB. After downloading and opening the game, you need to download additional files in the game in order to get the full features of the game.

A brief explanation of the game:

As we mentioned earlier, it is a game of five players against five players who are chosen randomly, and you can then choose the character from one of the characters that you can get for free, which you can buy from the winnings you earn inside the game through gold or diamonds that are purchased and you get additional power.

After choosing your fighter, you and your team will be transferred to the battlefield and you must destroy the 10 towers of the opposing team, including their main tower.

You can get a level within each battlefield from 1 to 15, you and your team when you kill the opposing team, the level rises, and also monsters when you kill them, you get a higher level as well. and monsters.

In-game features:

Like any game, when you commit to logging in daily, you get additional prizes, and you also get some missions that give you a large number of prizes, such as getting the Hero fighter for free. Each fighter has his own powers and is divided into many powers and many features inside the game that you get through Continue the game.

Mobile Legends Features:

     The power of graphics quality in the game

     Team play experience

     The number of heroes in the game is so many that you will never get bored

     Continuous updates from the company

      The game continues to add new heroes

     Skin updates for my heroes to make your gaming experience more enjoyable

     Very cool sound effects from the heroes and the overall gaming experience

     Supports Arabic language

     Great interest from the company in supporting the Arabic language

     Voice calls between friends

     You can communicate with everyone around the world through chat

     The game is completely free

How to play Mobile Legend:

The game has many ways to play and they are, classification, classic, arcade, against artificial intelligence, brawl. Let us explain to you some of these ways of playing and show you the ways of the difference between them. Level 8. Secondly, the (Classic), which is a mod that can be played at any time. You do not need to raise the level. The way to enter the Classic is very random. Other players from around the world are entered, and then the fight begins between the two teams. Third (Arcade) is a custom gameplay. Fourth (against artificial intelligence), in short, it is a mode for better training in order to get used to the way I play the hero. Fifthly, a quarrel, which is briefly a quick match between the two teams.

Explanation of the concept of fighting the battle between the two teams begins directly or indirectly when you start attacking to demolish the two enemy towers, which are 3 on each road and roads, and they are in the upper, middle, and lower region, and then you start destroying them and then you reach the main tower and destroy it and then crush the enemy and win Prizes at the end of the game.



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