Moore The Former Xbox boss says company encouraged console wars to “challenge each other”


Previous Xbox Boss Peter Moore has uncovered an intriguing understanding of how Microsoft supported the control center conflicts between Xbox 360 and PS3 yet did not divide players.

In a meeting with Front Office Sports(much appreciated, IGN), Moore made sense that Xbox saw the control center conflicts of that period as helpful for a good rivalry. Moreover, he recommended that Xbox should have been cutthroat as an opportunity to recuperate from the unfortunate deals of the first Xbox and the Xbox 360’s famous “red ring of death.”

(Image credit: Future)

“Two big behemoths like Microsoft and Sony investing billions each is good for gaming, it’s as simple as that,” he added. “They have to be great, otherwise the gamers are going to go to the other guy.”

Moore later added that “if we didn’t resolve red rings of death the way that we did I know darn well there’d be no Xbox today.” Back in 2020, our sister publication Edge spoke with Moore in greater detail about what it was like confronting such a serious problem for the Xbox brand and how the company went about investing in a solution.

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