Summertime Saga Crazy Game I finished


I Document it all. This is it. Walkthrough to everybody who plays summertime saga.

Summertime Saga Ms. Dewitt – Walkthrough
Woodwind – Ms. Dewitt’s course
Go to the music class to meet Ms. Dewitt
Following day go to the music class she will ask you for help, yet you really want an instrument. Search for Judith (left passage) and get some information about the flute. Open Judith’s storage (COW) with the expert key and take the flute. As may be obvious, you really want another one
Go to Raven Hill and pick the stick (on the floor), then, at that point, go to your carport, take the drill (rack) and give a valiant effort in the workbench. At the point when you finish go converse with Ms. Dewitt
Volunteers – Ms. Dewitt’s course
Eve: Next day go to the music class, you should track down 2 workers. The first talk to Eve, then, at that point, meet her and Erik in Erik’s Basement at night where you need to win a minigame
Kevin: following day converse with Kevin at the cafeteria, he really wants a guitar. Persuade Erik to supplant Mr. Johson’s guitar. Take the wood boards from the treehouse and track down the paint. The first attempt in your carport, then, at that point, ask Debbie lastly ask Diane. Presently you can get the paint from Diane’s nursery. Go to your carport, utilize the workbench, and supplant the guitar in Erik’s storm cellar. Following day give the guitar to Kevin and illuminate Ms. Dewitt
Show and Ending – Ms. Dewitt’s course
The following day goes to the music class, then to the assembly hall, and afterward to Principal Smith’s office to find the guilty parties glancing through the keyhole. Converse with Ms. Dewitt, and at night go to the recreation area to converse with Eve, Chad… Go to meet Erik at his home and talk to him about lager, then take the brew case (cellar)
Following day go to the assembly hall > music class > Auditorium > Ms. Dewitt’s Office
The following day, go to the music class and meet Eve and Kevin there, then go to the science class. Ask Erik for help, and at night meet him again before the schoolyard. Follow the robed individuals (left foyer), and go to the Principal Smith’s office (third floor), be detestable
Following day go to the Principal Smith’s office, then join your band at the assembly hall
After the show, go to converse with Ms Dewitt (music class), and at night go to her office for the last scene


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