The best mobile games on Android


The best mobile games on Android

This list contains games from several categories such as adventure, action, racing and fighting, and below each game we will put a link for you to download it on the Google Play site.

Stranger Things: The Game

An adventure game here where you start new adventures with the main characters from the great Netflix series Stranger Things.

League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends is currently one of the most popular games in the world and is a 5v5 multiplayer game.

When starting the game, you can specify the character of the hero that you will play with as there will be about 40 characters, but you can modify them as you like.

Match time ranges from 15-18 minutes.

Shadowgun war games

This new game by Madfinger Games is a competitive multiplayer shooter set in the Shadowgun universe.

Shadowgun War Games features heroes from across the series, taking part in flag-conquest battles for five players against five others.

Each character has unique weapons and abilities, and your job is to coordinate strategies with fellow players in order to win. The game is presented as a fantasy sport / games show that takes place inside a ring full of action-hungry spectators as it appears in the game’s trailer.

Rush Wars

You have a base with fixed defenses and soldiers to upgrade them over time using the resources you plunder from other players’ bases.

Minecraft Earth game

New augmented reality game for Android and iOS mobiles. Depending on the game’s location, players can build life-size structures with other players on the real world. You can build with your friends, or team up with other players on small adventures.

Minecraft Earth includes loads of familiar mobs (mobs) as well as a new batch of them. Players have the option to produce unique replacement monsters and use them to populate their buildings.

Eve: Echoes game

Eve: Echoes is a game based on the hit blockbuster online space game category from Icelandic developer CCP Games.

The game includes massive space battles, and an entire universe to explore.

Forza Street game

The famous Forza game is among the best games for Android devices in 2020.

The new game is called Forza Street, and it is a free racing game already available on Windows 10 devices (such as Miami Street).

The all-new game revolves around street racing. Your goal is to win events, to get points for upgrading your cars or buying new cars and adding them to your garage.

Sky: Children of the Light game

A new game that allows you to explore the mysteries of each of the game’s seven worlds, and return to your people in the sky.

Teamfight Tactics game

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game that follows the same lines as Dota Underlords and Dota Auto Chess. You face seven opponents, and form a team of champions over a number of game rounds. Heroes have different strengths and partnerships, and collecting a certain number of them will give you special rewards. Plus, you can arm and upgrade items within more complex team formations.


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