The most prominent new features and features of Android 11

In September, most of the tech companies that manufacture smartphones will start launching the Android 11 update for their smartphones, and if you are eager to get this update, there is no doubt that you are also eager to see the most prominent updates that Android 11 will bring mainly, and you want to know what What is new in this system, and how it will differ from the previous version, Android 10.

In this article, we will provide you with everything about the Android system 11, so that we will provide you with all the updates that Android 11 will bring, and all the features of the Android 11 system, so that you can prepare for the new with this system and know the features that you will get when you reach the update.

New permissions properties

The privacy problem has always been a hindrance for Android users, especially allowing applications to access some permissions or permissions on the phone, so that they remain throughout their installation on the phone. They are allowed access to a set of information such as geographic location and access to device files and others.

In Android 11, the matter will change slightly, so that the system will allow the application to access the permissions only when using it, and upon exiting the application the system will prevent the application from obtaining the permissions, and it will allow them to be used only when using the application again.

A beautiful step in terms of protection and it is expected to be good and useful to the user, and to prevent spyware applications from greatly accessing information or data, especially applications that you install once and then forget them forever.

Chat feature in the form of bubbles or Chat Bubble

Among the upcoming updates to Android 11, which is related to this time the interface, you must be aware of the Messenger application of Facebook and the chat feature in it, so that you will receive a message in the form of a bubble that pops up from a friend on Facebook and allows you to chat without accessing the application properly Basic.

If you wish to find this feature in other applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram or even regular messages, the Android 11 system will provide this for you, so that you can customize any messaging and chat application in the form of Chat Buuble, in order to speed up chat and messaging.

New notifications system features

Notification features will also get some new updates, such as the ability to view the news / messages in full through notifications and answer them, and in other applications such as WhatsApp, you will be able to hear audio files and even watch videos sent directly from notifications.

But it is worth noting in updating notifications, it will be access to the history of notifications, how many times you delete an important notification unintentionally, and you will have to log into the application and then search for it and review it again, and you previously had to install third-party applications in order to record notifications And access to it is complete, but with the Android 11 update, you will have access to the notification history in full.

Inclusion of the characteristics of artificial intelligence and communication with other smart devices

Among the new things also in the Android 11 system, is the inclusion of artificial intelligence features in the system. These features will help you use your phone better, for example adopting a specific mode if the battery is weak, or permanently closing applications after a period of inactivity, and preventing permissions for applications While not using it, as well as notifying you in case there is any application that drains your device’s resources significantly or uses unauthorized permissions and more.

Suggest apps, phone recording, and voice control features

The system will come with a lot of new features that you will discover more and more with time as soon as you receive the update, and until we finish our conversation about the features of the Android system 11, we remind you that this update will bring with it the feature of application suggestion or App Suggestions, which is a service that suggests applications from The store can be installed on your phone, suggestions will be based on the apps you use the most that are already installed in your phone.

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