TV Shows We Didn’t Know Were Staged


Many of our darling unscripted tv shows are not, in that frame of mind, on genuine occasions. As often as possible, the makers and cast make changes to increment crowd appraisals. Since it’s alluded to as unscripted TV, it doesn’t mean it isn’t outright created!

South Beach Tow

The show’s antics are incredible, and we cannot dispute that. Bernice has done everything from removing automobile doors by the hinges with her hands to miraculously surviving a massive fall and instantly apprehending a violation. There’s no denying that it’s a hoax, but it’s still a lot of fun!


Duck Dynasty

The Robertson family, who live in Louisiana, rose to fame as a result of their duck-hunting business. Almost everyone in the cast is related to each other by blood or marriage. It turns out, however, that the producers enjoy adding ‘dramatic’ components to make things more fascinating. Furthermore, it is claimed that the production team enjoys adding “bleeps” even when no one is actually cursing.

Undercover Boss

Did you like the idea of workers finally getting the credit they deserve? In this episode, executives from various firms infiltrate their workplaces to assess how well their employees are performing while on the clock. This, of course, provides them some insight into how to run the company. This so-called reality television is, in fact, staged. More significantly, they do not follow through on the commitments they make to various employees. Yikes.

Project Runway

It is not true that just because a show is popular does not mean it is not “fake.” Many contestants, notably Daniel Esquivel and Jack Mackenroth, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the judging aspect of the game. Esquivel has spoken out in particular about how the show’s creators allegedly customized it to sensationalize the participants to an extraordinary level.

Ghost Hunters

This show has gained a lot of popularity in the previous several years. Since its debut, it has also inspired a number of spin-off shows. Despite this, many individuals have accused it of being scripted. This was corroborated in an interview conducted by the former case manager Donna Lacroix.

The Jerry Springer Show

As a result, we doubt that this comes as a complete shock to most people. One of the most outrageous TV shows in history, this is without a doubt. Please be aware, if you haven’t already, that the guests and plots are not entirely accurate. In addition, this applies to the production crew that energizes the crowd.

Fixer Upper

Homeowners on this show, like those on other shows, have already purchased the home before filming can begin. This indicates that they are not really making a decision based on the three properties shown at the start of the show. Joanna Gaines’ carefully arranged décor and furniture are not included in the budget, so the owners will only keep them if they are ready to pay for them. And not every room is remodeled. Unverified reports indicate, however, that Chip only works on the house when cameras are filming.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Yes, this show is well-known. the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty. It premiered in 2007 on E! It included a large cast and covered many of their life milestones. Because of this, it is not surprising that certain pictures have to be reshot and edited in order to create a consistent viewing experience and a coherent timeline. At least two scenes involving Kris Humphries were scripted or reshot, according to court records filed in the divorce case between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Likewise, the famous family places a great deal of reliance on the editing process.

Storage Wars

When David Hester disclosed that the show is written after he was fired, the world was shocked. He added that the goods they uncover in the storage lockers have been staged before they are discovered. As a last note, many of the auctions aren’t even real. He claims that the interviews with the cast members are also staged!

Jersey Shore

This show debuted in 2009. A true picture of their life may not be possible even if the stars are actually pals. Most of what transpired on the show were pre-planned, according to several locals and extras who were on set. The walkabouts were rehearsed, according to an attorney who lives across the street from them. Also, sequences are claimed to be re-shot from different viewpoints. They do, in fact, have a perfect conversation and facial expressions.


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