All you need to know about My Friend Pedro

Welcome to the Games Catalog section, the main goal of this section is to provide definitions for the largest possible number of video games, so that this section will write a map for every gaming lover to search for the best video games that are suitable for him in terms of operation or in terms of playing taste, we have chosen today on My Friend Pedro game, after its spread a few days ago among the Arab players, and we would like to know you more about this game. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about My Friend Pedro game.


Published on: 2/28/21, 11:55 PM

Like PUBG, but offline ... These games will really amaze you if you like PUBG

With its wide popularity, many people aspire to have the last chicken dinner in the famous game of Peggy, millions of players on a daily basis go to the game naked and isolated in order to obtain resources and fight to the last breath in order to survive, this is the game of Peggy, and here lies the pure fun in Playing, except that the owners of the weak or sometimes no Internet may not get this pleasure, and we cannot, in turn, deprive them of it.

Published on: 2/18/21, 1:00 AM

Here is our list of the best FPS games For Android


The games vary and are varied, but the only thing that we will agree on is that first-person or FPS games have their own fun, games that we can not only resist, their fun and excitement are unparalleled, and the biggest proof of that is their multiplicity and their enormous spread in The ranks of gamers and gaming enthusiasts, and therefore, we will also present to you our list of the best FPS games for Android devices, and we promise you soon to present you the best ones for computers as well.

In this list we depended on the quality of the game, its size, the quality of the graphics, and the speed of the servers (for online games), excluding any sniper game from the list, and also any game that is not from the first-person perspective, we also excluded the paid games and focused on the free, so we hope Take advantage of these games selected for you my friend.

Published on: 2/18/21, 12:54 AM

Android applications from 2020

We'll do applications first and afterward game second with joins for everything in


Published on: 2/13/21, 5:14 AM

The emergence of new mobile games has really begun to compete with the strongest computer games. It has become a modern fashion, especially with the emergence of phones with greater components than the computer components, and this development has also accompanied the maturity of a group of powerful games that require semi-supernatural phones in order to run them, such as games like PUBG ), Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, and others.

Published on: 2/10/21, 11:46 AM

We remind you, first of all, that WhatsApp prohibits the use of third-party applications, meaning that your incorrect use of these applications may lead to banning your WhatsApp account, try to use them rationally and correctly to avoid this

Published on: 2/10/21, 11:25 AM

5 apps every Instagram user needs

Instagram pioneers in their daily activities need a set of simple and important tools that will make a difference in how they spend their time on Instagram, in addition to that they will help them in many matters such as uploading and sharing their photos on their accounts and others.

Published on: 2/10/21, 11:18 AM

Our goal in this article is to select a set of these applications that we think are good and will greatly benefit users, although Microsoft has failed to provide phones or systems that confront Android, but it has created for us a set of applications for this system that are worth trying.

Published on: 1/15/21, 11:29 PM


What's new in Huawei's EMUI 11?

EMUI 11 will be based mainly on the Android 11 system update, and it may bring almost all the features in this system to the interface, but before, EMUI 11 users will get some updates related to EMUI, which is technically limited and weak in terms of design and style. Also, you will get better stability in terms of dealing with device resources and applications as well.

Published on: 1/15/21, 11:20 PM

Among Us was never an android game that was intended to be paid attention to especially - as of not long ago, it's had no genuine plot, no portrayal, and no turn of events. It's never required those things since it's a pleasant sleuthing game to play with companions. However, its effortlessness is the thing that makes it adaptable, which is the reason there's been a particularly wide broadness and profundity of fan manifestations encompassing it.


Published on: 1/11/21, 12:29 AM