Among us 3d my first impression

Among Us was never an android game that was intended to be paid attention to especially - as of not long ago, it's had no genuine plot, no portrayal, and no turn of events. It's never required those things since it's a pleasant sleuthing game to play with companions. However, its effortlessness is the thing that makes it adaptable, which is the reason there's been a particularly wide broadness and profundity of fan manifestations encompassing it.

Here is my first impression about the game Among Us 3d

Hey you why are you so nervous dude i might keep an eye on you i'll be reading no it's fine it's fine i'm good i'm not nervous what's so funny dude nothing man nothing okay time to work excuse me all right i need to put the card i miss you guys yeah here it is oh hey let's see let's see it's not working is everything okay man yeah everything is good damn it doesn't look good to me come on come on come on yes yes i got it where is he where did he go hey what's up buddy oh oh no what happened what did you do jesus christ you're not gonna get away with this i'm gonna toward you it wasn't me yes yes i'm telling you i'm telling you i saw this guy next to the body no it wasn't me i didn't kill him yes yes he was you don't lie to us please you have to believe me it wasn't me i didn't do it i didn't kill him friends let me talk i saw that he was using the car in administration many times maybe one two three times so i believe he's telling the truth yes so he must be innocent i believe you buddy so what do you guys think do you agree with me that's right what yeah yeah you're good to go you're good to go thank you guys i really appreciate it thank you so much

Published on: 1/11/21, 12:29 AM