4 helpful apps to use WhatsApp like a professional

We remind you, first of all, that WhatsApp prohibits the use of third-party applications, meaning that your incorrect use of these applications may lead to banning your WhatsApp account, try to use them rationally and correctly to avoid this.

WA Tweaker app

The WA Tweaker application helps you to obtain a set of useful features in WhatsApp, the first of which is to get the updates that the company launches first-hand without waiting for their arrival to your country, and thus far ahead of other users. The application also allows you to better control your account, such as:

Turn off the Read feature that appears when you read messages in WhatsApp

Messaging other people without saving them in WhatsApp contacts

Turn off the "in the process of writing" feature while writing a specific message in WhatsApp

Change the shape and fonts to professional and distinct shapes in WhatsApp

Use additional emoji, Gifs and Stickers for WhatsApp

And other additional features that help you deal with WhatsApp and messages on WhatsApp like professionals, the application is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it from the official website normally.

WhatsTool application

WhatsTool application is another assistant application for WhatsApp, it comes with other additional features besides the features of the previous application, such as the ability to upload long videos in the form of stories or stories in a divided form automatically without the need to divide them manually, and it allows you to save pictures, videos and stories of your friends directly and upload them And even the ability to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. The application can also be scheduled to forward messages or send messages automatically on WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp application

A group of developers modified the official WhatsApp application to finally get the GB Whatsapp application, and this application can definitely be used as an alternative to the official WhatsApp application. GB Whatsapp application enables you to obtain some hidden advantages in WhatsApp, such as hiding your connection status, reading messages without the other party knowing about it, and the application also allows the ability to activate the automatic replies feature in order to answer anyone in a real time, of course this feature is in the application Whatsapp Business, and do not forget the possibility of opening more than one WhatsApp account in the same application. And many other features like turning off message notifications, or sending a message to everyone in one go, filtering messages and much more. Don't forget to always download the latest version of this app.

Whatsapp Plus app

Another distinctive application that can compensate for your regular and daily use of the WhatsApp application, the interface of this application is very close to the interface of the official application, and it comes with some additional features. As I mentioned above from the applications reviewed in this article, the application allows you to hide your presence in WhatsApp, and read messages Without showing the reading sign, browse the stories and posts without showing yourself, as well as changing the WhatsApp theme for different themes and getting a set of emoji and stickers that you can use in WhatsApp chat, and many advantages in this application. The application is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it from external sources.

Published on: 2/10/21, 11:25 AM