How to play mobile games on your computer with great efficiency using Prime

How to play mobile games on your computer with great efficiency using Prime

The emergence of new mobile games has really begun to compete with the strongest computer games. It has become a modern fashion, especially with the emergence of phones with greater components than computer components, and this development has also accompanied the maturity of a group of powerful games that require semi-supernatural phones in order to run them, such as games like PUBG ), Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, and others.

But sometimes we have that passion to try these games on the computer instead of the phone due to poor control or the game not working well on the phone.

You might be tempted to use some emulator for the game like Tencent to try the game, or you might install a special emulator for Android like Bluestack, but installing the latter slightly affects the performance and the gameplay becomes worse rather than better. So in this article we suggest you Prime to try the games that you want on your computer and even the regular applications also with high efficiency.

 Your guide to Prime Os:

The Prime OS system is considered the fastest system currently that has the ability to run Android applications on the computer, the system is based on the Linux kernel, and blatantly competes with the Pheonix Os system that provides the same service as well. Prime OS supports both 32bit and 64bit for the best performance compatible With your computer.

The beauty of the Prime OS system is that it does not at all resemble the Android system, on the contrary, its use is very similar to Windows, except that it supports installing Android applications on this system and running them normally and with high efficiency.

Prime OS features and properties:

The system is completely different from all Android emulators, whether systems or programs. First, this system comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface that mimics Windows, not Android, and is a feature that makes using the environment very easy, and makes all installed applications closer to access.

As is the case for Windows, you can easily control the existing applications by opening applications, maximizing the application window, using two applications at the same time, minimizing the application to return to it later and other similar features as well.

The use of keyboard shortcuts on the applications as well, and when it comes to playing games, you can use the keyboard buttons to play them along with the mouse as well, and you can also modify the application settings to show notifications and messages.

Many new features that you can use in the Prime OS system normally, which completely eliminate you from using the phone permanently in the event that you install this system permanently on one of your computers.

How to install Prime OS:

In all honesty, you will have to first determine whether you want this system on your device or not, because the system does not support Live Booting, meaning that you will have to permanently install it on your computer until you want to permanently delete it, so you will have to create Partition from your hard drive (Less space 16GB).

After that, you will have to download the system from its official website, which we will provide at the end of the article, and then install the system in a USB flash drive for later installation, you can use software such as Rufus or Ultra Iso for that, or you can follow the following explanation of how to burn the system to a flash drive.

Then, connect the USB flash drive to the computer and restart the device, you will be asked if you want to boot from the flash drive, select that and then follow the installation instructions presented, upon completion of the installation, the system will allow you to either boot from your regular system or boot from the Prime OS system that you have Just install it.

Install applications and games on Prime OS:

After installing and operating the Prime OS system, you will get the Android environment on your computer, but in the style of Windows, and like any other Android system, you can install applications through application stores such as Google Play Store or other alternative stores, you will find that the store is already in the system, start accessing it and then Log in with your own e-mail, and install all the applications you want and the games you want.

It may be mentioned here that games such as Pubg, Cod, Fortnite, Asphalt ... work with very high efficiency much better than mobile phones, especially by allowing control via the computer mouse and keyboard, which makes use of better.

Why use Prime OS? And how do you download it?

Running applications that are incompatible with your computer may be bad for you, but after installing the system you will be able to download and run all kinds of applications and games that you want. Another reason for installing the system is to try "suspicious" applications or external stores via the computer first before installing them. In your phone, which is a good feature if you fear damage to your phone or installing ad applications and so on.

Published on: 2/10/21, 11:46 AM