Here is our list of the best FPS games For Android

Here is our list of the best FPS games For Android

The games vary and are varied, but the only thing that we will agree on is that first-person or FPS games have their own fun, games that we can not only resist, their fun and excitement are unparalleled, and the biggest proof of that is their multiplicity and their enormous spread in The ranks of gamers and gaming enthusiasts, and therefore, we will also present to you our list of the best FPS games for Android devices, and we promise you soon to present you the best ones for computers as well.

In this list we depended on the quality of the game, its size, the quality of the graphics, and the speed of the servers (for online games), excluding any sniper game from the list, and also any game that is not from the first-person perspective, we also excluded the paid games and focused on the free, so we hope Take advantage of these games selected for you my friend.

1- Modern Combat 5:

One of the best FPS games, produced by the giant company Gameloft, the game contains story mode or Story Mode, and online mode as well, the story mode contains professional cinematic scenes and it is definitely wonderful style, very cool graphics, the servers are strong in the game in case Your desire to play online, the only problem in the game is its large size, the game alone has a capacity of 1.5 GB, and you have to download at each stage its files of approximately 300 MB, yet the game gives you a dose of great enthusiasm and excitement, the game is part of the series of dark war every Parts are paid, except for the fifth part for free.

2 - Special Forces Group 2:

Do you remember Counter Strike? A wonderful game we spent a nice time playing it with all its versions, but I don't think there is any version for it on Android, oh God, a previous version I see very weak, so as an alternative to the beautiful Counter Strike, we offer you the game Special Forces Group 2, a beautiful game from the perspective of the person The first is FPS, warfare of course, the game comes with a set of weapons and multiple maps, also comes with different game styles, including the Defusel Mode that is completely similar to Counter Strike, where the first team will have to plant a bomb and the second team will prevent or dismantle it, the game is very wonderful and fun and Easy to control on Android, don't forget to try it

3- Confrontation - The Killbox:

The confrontation, is the Arabic version of the game The Killbox, Arabized by the digital communication platforms company, the game can be played in the online mode only, and this does not mean that it is not good, as this game is one of the best games, as you can play against friends on the Internet or you can play With random people also, the choice is yours, the game comes with medium graphics, its size is approximately 250 MB, small size compared to the enormous features, the only problem we see in this game, is the weight of servers and servers sometimes, as you may find a problem in light of the overcrowded servers.

4- Bullet Force:

A beautiful and entertaining game to a large extent, that allows you to play in the offline mode without the need to connect to the Internet, and on the other side you can play it online with friends or in one of the random servers, the server includes about 20 players in each one, which provides you with a real pleasure to play against friends, The game contains more than 20 weapons and you can change their shape and disguise them in more than 30 patterns as well, the game graphics is not that wonderful, we can say that it is medium it is not weak also, and its servers are excellent, its size is approximately 280 MB, and it can become your game Favorite in the world of FPS if you give it a try.

5- N.O.V.A. Legacy:

Another game produced by Gameloft, the game was released this year and it showed good superiority as well, it was preceded by other versions, but this is the best one. The events of the game’s story take place in the future. You are the leader of a war squad in order to get rid of the enemies in the game, the game is wonderful and With a beautiful character and a more beautiful story, modest graphics, great sound effects, do not forget also its light size is only 28 megabytes, you can also play online, in short, we can say that this game is better and a good choice for owners of weak or medium phones.

Published on: 2/18/21, 12:54 AM