Like PUBG, but offline ... These games will really amaze you if you like PUBG

Like PUBG, but offline ... These games will really amaze you if you like PUBG

With its wide popularity, many people aspire to have the last chicken dinner in the famous game of Peggy, millions of players on a daily basis go to the game naked and isolated in order to obtain resources and fight to the last breath in order to survive, this is the game of Peggy, and here lies the pure fun in Playing, except that the owners of the weak or sometimes no Internet may not get this pleasure, and we cannot, in turn, deprive them of it. Rather, it is more correct to try to convey this pleasure in a similar way to feeling and seeking it. That is why in this article we will provide you with some games (not many numbering almost 3). We see that they are among the best Android and iOS games at all that can match the game of PUBG in the offline mode, you can call it PUBG OFFLINE, or games similar to PUBG OFFLINE, are games that you may play For a long time, on your travels, or when you do not have the Internet, it is true that its pleasure may not be compared to real playing with real people, but to get something similar is better than not getting anything ... so can we review our following list?

- Blood Rivals game ... similar to PG Offline:

PUBG is based on two basic modes of play, which is the Surviving feature, which the player must fight to survive the longest possible time in the game and eliminate the largest number of other players in order to survive to the end, and the second is the semi-open world that you can move There is absolutely freedom in it, if you can provide these two modes in any game then it is ideal to replace the game in principle. Blood Rivals, a first-person FPS game for Android with the style of play to survive (Surviving), in the game Blood Rivals heading towards a remote area as well in a vast world, you must collect your equipment and weapons in the game and try to outperform all other players ( Since it is offline, it is Bots (in order to excel and claim the title "The Father". As for the graphics of the game, it is very similar to PUBG, even in the style of play of controlling cars and means of transportation in the middle of the game, in addition to some good weapons and other tools (such as the ax) that can be played with in the middle of the game, and as we indicated, this game can be Play it offline and you have 3 chances to survive in the middle of the game, and you also have to win within 10 minutes, or you will have to spend the zone allocated in the game, for the size of the game Blood Rivals is approximately 200 MB and can be downloaded from stores such as or Uptodown.

Battleground Survival game ... fun and power of Peggy without internet:

Battleground Survival has borrowed something in its title from the game Pubg which basically means Playeruknown Battleground, and of course the phrase Survival that indicates that you are about to survive your life and fight for survival, Battleground Survival is very much a game of Peggy, and if it has graphics More powerful it would be like PUBG in almost everything. One of the beautiful additions to the game is the different play areas with different hardware each time, the game is also available on both Android and iOS and in the offline mode, as we have indicated, the game also begins by throwing you from a plane in the middle of a remote, empty island that does not have anything, Then you have to search and search for weapons and tools in order to survive and then eliminate the rest of the enemies, and if you think that playing in the offline mode with the bots will be very easy, then you should reconsider a little, as you will need some strategies in hiding and searching for the best Weapons to kill everyone and survive until the last breath of the game. The game is very fun, although its graphics are a little weak, but the fun, weapons, and what the game provides in terms of features compensate for that deficiency, the game is available on different stores for download such as Apkpure and Uptodown.

- The Giant io game ... not in the game this time but Fortnite:

The two previous games are similar to the game of PUBG in terms of graphics a little, and you can notice while playing that you really risk PUBG, the game Giant io wanted to excel a little while maintaining both the modularity of Surviving and open worlds, but the game wanted to move away from the graphics of the game of Peggy, so it fell In the graphics of the Fortnite game, we may not call this game more of a game of Peggy Offline than a game called Fortnite Offline. The Giant io game comes in both online and offline modes, in online play you enter a battlefield with 30 people being thrown into a specific area, after landing you have to search for weapons and modify your equipment, until you can build and design some buildings, drive cars And means of moving in the game and trying to eliminate others in order to obtain the title of The Giant. The offline mode is not much different from the online mode except that instead of real players you are facing a group of experienced Bots equipped, who are also difficult to eliminate, the graphics of the game are perfect and good, its size is also not large, it comes with a group of many weapons of 16 weapons, And fast play in online mode. The game is available on the Google Play Store from here, or you can download it from any other external store if you want.

Published on: 2/18/21, 1:00 AM