if you lose your internet connectivity or your data bundle has expired don't panic the solution is simple here are the best offline android games for you to check out recently updated with new recommendations for you to try awesome people this is Alex Panda of  Pandartcile.com  bringing your best offline games under 50 mb/s if you haven't subscribed to Game article yet do it now and hit it  so that you get regular updates about new games in the market first game in the list is zapped EA open world this is beautiful open world offline game which is extremely fun to play in the month of ramadhan as it has missions like feeding poor people fighting for them as well as masks in the game chrome where you can hear the beautiful assan game is polished with beautiful high graphics in cowboy-style and various types of missions if you are bored with low graphic games then this will be the best choice 

next we have West gunfighter here comes second cowboy style gain but this is unique from others as it includes a lot of action you tackle missions earn rewards challenge and duel to take out baddest and find hidden loot or you can just ride a horse drink at saloons and enjoy the land's beauty it's all your call game features include customizable cowboy characters with dozens of clothes hundreds of activities in the game different horses and weapons to help you on the journey and much more next pick for the list is smashing rush a good side-scrolling game with attractive gameplay it is one of those games which are easy to control and have to master and the more you play the more addicted you get graphics are smooth and

attractive with easy controls to play with bundled with various stages characters and full support for low-end devices next game we have is Friday the 13th killer puzzle a fun game easy but challenging all in one follow Jason into his many crime scenes and try to make as many kills as efficiently as you can huge characters whose eyes become crosses once they die entertaining to watch and to play the difficulty increases with each level so it makes it even better to play  next in the list is smashy - cute pixel art game with jaw-dropping beautiful graphics it is an endless racer game in which you have to dodge many obstacles while being chased by police to save your life it's size is only 33 mb/s which makes it a lightweight and addictive game to play the more you race the more satisfied you get next pick in the list is gladiator heroes / in this addictive fighting in a strategy video game you can play with the best gladiators gods and heroes players such as Thor god of war are Xena the warrior princess are in the best fighting in a strategy video game on the market epic fighting in a strategy game mode where the fighting plans the fight to dominate the empire organize your fight strategies choosing the best weapons to carry out your attack next game in the list is major mayhem - major mayhem - is fast fun action-packed visually stunning and easy to play aim and shoot massive guns in a shooting game jam-packed with missions fourth enemies and entertainment best of all it's free to play save the free world and your love life from the forces of evil game features include hundreds of enemies to shoot dozens of hostages to save colorful fun HD graphics with great animationnext we have ultimate car driving the most realistic driving physics unlimited customization huge open world addictive gameplay and endless fun best car driving simulator comes with the best driving physics from racing cars to off-road SUVs all kinds of vehicles have their own physics you can create your own dream car with this game imagination is your only limit extreme customization is waiting for you next we have candy patrol defend the lollipops fight monsters and upgrade your gear as a part of an elite County defense unit your task is to keep the lollipop safe shoot monsters on sight and don't let them near the Caddy's with dozens of levels to play this action-packed game is highly addictive and yet challenging it will trigger many let me try a request from your friends and family last and unique game in the list is spectra cover fire if you're looking for the best shooting games then play spectra cover fire offline shooting FPS shooter it is one of the best shooting games for Android without internet download and enjoy the free action shooting game for the latest Android devices that's it for now folks thank you