GTA ONLINE NEW SERVER! (Tres Islas Reality Roleplay)


I’ll show you all the ways you can get to the second and third islands at the very beginning of the game no cheats or hacks are necessary most of these methods will work with any version of the game whether it’s a PC console or mobile release the ones which are exclusive to a system I’ll be sure to point out bear in mind that in GTA 3 if the second talent is locked and you managed to teleport yourself to it if use the subway ordered signals you can just drive to its root Island however if the second talent is unlocked and the third one is not there will be a barrier on both the tunnel and the train station so that’s it let’s begin method number one go to the Callaghan bridge where you spawn at when you start a new game and talk until the end of its there you see a beam sticking out reach the end of the beam aim yourself to the other one on the other side sprint and jump to it if you aim yourself correctly you can successfully land on the beam walk a bit jump down onto the bridge and now you just need to walk to the main road method number two get yourself any car and drive to this location of the map the Banshee works best for me park the car parallel to the edge like this and get out of it this can be done also by backing up the car and getting off at the last second choose whatever method you want when you get out you’ll spawn on thin air face the blue wall and walk to it jump over it and continue walking forward if you face the camera down like I am you’ll be able to see where you’re going to prevent getting tired instead of holding the sprint button you can just step it continuously that way you can sprint forever if you want to visit stoughton islands when you reach the first turn you can jump off to the left side you fall into blue hill and after a couple seconds you spawn in stolen Islands if want to visit shoreside vale you have to walk a lot longer reach the last turn and again jump to the left set your fallen to blue hill and spawn in Wichita Gardens shoreside vale methods number 3 the ghost car methods for this one you need to complete the first mission in the game so you can activate side missions first you need to find a taxi or a cabbie and activate the taxi driver mission get the fear and make sure you sit in the front passenger seat not in the back draft record crush are over here on the map park the car just like I am and hold the button which cancels the mission get out of the car while still holding the button right before the magnet attaches to your car you can reenter it after he jabs you you can release the button which this ghost taxi.

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