Among Us Android) : First Impressions


Welcome to among us mobile um this is gonna be a very straightforward review we’re just gonna do it let’s play style as soon as you see the gameplay you’re gonna know exactly what’s going on right um so basically all of us are humans except for two of us two of us are imposters and basically what we’re gonna be trying to do on this ship um the humans are gonna be trying to repair the ship if we repair the ship we win or if we find the two imposters we win at the same exact time the imposters are trying to damage the ship and they’re trying to kill us it is time to go who will be the two imposters

I am not an imposter i’m actually a human so i’m gonna go ahead and get to work first things first i’m gonna work on the j as suspect remember purple j is suspect so let me tell you what you’re looking for here so even though you can’t see it humans actually have animations so when i’m fixing things in the ship i’m actually doing animations the imposter has no animation so if you see someone like jay for example in purple not oh dude it’s not jay he died it’s not jay it’s not jay dude i was all making uh i was building my case oh dude i thought it was jay i have no idea who it is dude the only person i’ve seen so far is jay i don’t know idea nope idea whatever i sound suspect now dude it was in the navigation who was in the navigation room i have no idea who it could i didn’t see anything didn’t see anything white was in the med bay on the cams skip then yeah i don’t know who it could have been now here’s the problem right if you vote for someone that you’re not sure that did it you kill them you eject them from the ship but if you do that it starts to make your job even harder because check this out when you’re ejected from the ship you become a ghost ghost can still help you repair the ship but they cannot have any dialogue in these little team meetings right so every single human that you kill on accident that’s not the actual imposter that’s one less person in the meeting that can tell you who the imposter was so it’s something you definitely need to be mindful of you don’t want to just be .



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