Microsoft’s 10 best apps for Android users


Microsoft’s 10 best apps for Android users


Our goal in this article is to select a set of these applications that we think are good and will greatly benefit users, although Microsoft has failed to provide phones or systems that confront Android, but it has created for us a set of applications for this system that are worth trying.

1 – Microsoft Outlook

Let’s start with the most important, Microsoft Outlook app might be the best email management service you could use on your smartphone. Microsoft Outlook supports almost all email services from Gmail, Office 360 ​​services, Yahoo, and other types of email. The application comes with an easy-to-use interface, it also supports the dark mode if you are a fan of it, and it also allows you to manage emails very easily through a set of features in the platform such as deleting all messages completely at once, or stopping receiving messages from specific mail and even categorizing e-mail in Custom folders.

2 – Microsoft office application

This app is still in Beta mode, but you can try it normally. In order to bring all its famous Office services, and by that we mean services such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more …, these are previously existing applications in the store, but Microsoft wants to integrate them into one platform, which is Microsoft Office. Through this application, you will be able to use all Office services in one platform, this reduces the number of applications in your phone and their area, and do not forget to collect all these applications in one place to speed up access to any type of services and open any type of files directly in the Microsoft Office application .

3 – Microsoft Edge app

Rweidk my friend, the Edge browser on Android is more professional than the computer, in fact, if you even use the Edge Chromium version on the computer, it is now competing with the strongest and most powerful browsers, on our guarantee, and this is a complete review of Edge Chromium browser.

4 – Microsoft Launcher

Among the best that Microsoft has produced and is widely used, and has received numerous downloads and reviews as well, all this encourages you to use the famous Launcher from Microsoft. This Laucnher can completely change the configuration of your phone and add a new touch away from the interface system you use, the Microsoft Launcher got a new update that adds the Dark Mode to the device, if your phone does not support Android 11 with Dark Mode, you can use the application as an alternative So, besides changing system icons and adding new features to it in terms of interface. Finally, it is worth noting that the Launcher can be customized as needed, of course.

5 – Microsoft Office Lens application

Another great application from Microsoft should be in your phone, and you will use it more often if you deal with documents on a daily basis. Microsoft Office Lens application allows you to take pictures of documents and convert written documents and papers into digital documents, the application comes with features such as OCR that allow you to transfer the content of written documents into a digital form completely on a new file such as Word or Excel instead of writing it from scratch . The application includes a set of filters that you can choose between in order to get the best quality of images, and in the end we do not forget that you can save them as pdf or other files such as Word or Excel and even store them in the form of images and upload them in your cloud accounts.

6 – Microsoft To Do app

There are many applications that help you manage your daily tasks or to-do, including Google Keep from Google, or Evernote. And our experience of the Microsoft To Do application does not detract from this style of applications anything, it is integrated and provides you with a package of features to manage your daily tasks, schedule appointments and remind you of them, divide tasks according to what is required of them or the most important ones. As for the interface, the application supports the dark mode if you are a fan of this mode, and the application is very light in terms of use and is very simple.

7 – Application Microsoft News

Through the name of the Microsoft News application, you can know the purpose of the application. It is an application to bring the latest news on your smartphone, the application can be customized to bring news of a specific category such as politics, sports or technical news, and you can also disable one of the classifications to avoid the emergence of news of that category. One of the most prominent features of the application is that the geographical location of news can be customized to reach local news in your country, also the application can be customized to bring news in Arabic only. The app relies on the Bing news platform to get news, by the way.

8 – Microsoft Teams app

It has become one of the most used applications since the outbreak of the Corona virus and the imposition of quarantine and study from home, so many governments decided to delegate Microsoft services and exactly Microsoft Teams with other platforms such as Zoom to complete the study remotely.

9 – Microsoft Maths Solver application

It is an alternative application to the popular Mathway service for solving math exercises, the Microsoft Maths Solver application from Microsoft helps you to do math problems and exercises with explanations as well. The application is one of the study applications parallel to applications such as Microsoft Teams. If you are a student, the two applications are very suitable for you and help you in your academic path better. The application can solve a wide range of different mathematical problems in a simple and explained way, all you have to do is photograph the sports exercise and reach the solution directly.

10 – Microsoft OneDrive app

And we conclude with you with Microsoft’s OneDrive application, the application specializing in cloud storage, it provides you with cloud storage space in your smartphone and can be synchronized with the computer as well. On the OneDrive platform, you can get 15GB of free cloud storage to store all your private files and documents, and they can also be browsed from a computer or any other device connected from the same cloud service, which is OneDrive in this case.



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