The best fun games for Android


Dr. Driving comes within the list of car games, in which a person needs to try to implement and carry out the tasks that are asked of him, where he is required to park the car in the parking garage.

The game also helps people learn to drive in addition to passing cities one by one at very high speeds, but with the need not to crash into any other car, especially since the road is full of obstacles that aim to entrap the player.

The game needs a phone with an operating system 4.0.3 and above and comes with an area of ​​10 MB, which is a very small space that does not take any large place from the internal storage of the phone and has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Android phones and has received high ratings that reached 4.5 and participated It has 5 million users.

5-  Bounce Classic

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One of the best classic games that many people are looking for, as it came with old devices by default, in which the player controls the small ball and is required to pass many obstacles and reach the houses successively.

As soon as the person passes the houses, he finds the obstacles getting more complicated and the game needs an Android phone 4.3 and above, as it is perfectly suitable for devices with space and weak specifications, especially since its area comes with only 20 megabytes.

The game was downloaded by more than 5 million people on Android devices and got a high rating of 4.4 in the poll in which more than 50 thousand users participated in the official Google Play Store.

6- shoot bubble deluxe game

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It is included in the list of small-sized entertaining games that depend on shooting a person at the colored balls and hitting them with the ball of the same color. People can play them on the street or while driving public transportation.

As soon as a person passes the first levels, the game becomes more difficult one after another, which makes the person feel hot and excited and not bored, and the game needs a phone running Android 1.1 and above.

At a time when the phone comes in a very small size that does not exceed 3 megabytes and has been downloaded by more than 100 million times on Android phones and Apple phones, and in a poll in which one million users participated via the Google Play Store, it got a 4.0 rating.


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