All you need to know about Adobe Premiere Rush


Adobe provides us with many creative programs in various fields of image design, logo making, video and audio editing, and more. The company is known for its famous Adobe software suite via its Creative Cloud service, which allows the user to quickly install all Adobe software on his own device.

Adobe is not only active in the field of computers, its services extend to smartphones through a series of dedicated applications such as Photoshop Express and Lightroom for the phone, which allow you to modify images and their industry and so on.

Adobe also created controversy when it announced a few months ago a distinct and unique application developed for smartphones, which is the Adobe Premiere Rush application, which is dedicated to editing and editing videos, so let’s explore it closely.

What is Adobe Premiere Rush?

It is an application for editing and editing videos developed by the famous Adobe company, it has obtained more than a million uploads on the Google Play Store, this application offers a wide range of features and tools that help you modify videos and add some special touches on them to appear in the best possible way when you share them With friends or posting it on various social media. The computer version of the program has the same name and is of course older, and the application has borrowed its name with the addition of the phrase Rush, perhaps indicating the rapid modification of the phone perhaps. Generally speaking, Adobe Premiere Rush is currently the best video editing and editing application that you can have on your smartphone.

Sharing pictures and video clips over the Internet has recently become very common, which has called for users to use editing programs that are concerned with the appearance of their various clips in the most beautiful way in the videos, but the use of computers and smart devices is difficult if the computer is not good in montage let alone in time And the effort expended on both, but it has become clear that video editing programs for phones are more effective and easier to use because they provide a reduction in user time and have features that are ahead of their counterpart on computers, and this is all provided by the Adobe Premiere Rush application, which comes with features and tools. Many are very similar to Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Rush app highlights

The ability to shoot videos directly: This application allows the user to shoot high-quality videos and videos directly from within the application by using the built-in professional camera feature, which allows the user many of the features of photography and then start editing the video immediately.

 Ease of applying effects to the video: It allows the user to easily arrange the videos, audio clips, and pictures to be modified by drag and drop, and provides many basic tools such as controlling the size and cropping of video clips, and adjusting the video speed using the speed control tools, which allows to increase the playback speed of a snapshot Or slow down, and optimize the colors of the video using a set of filters within the application.

A wide range of templates and graphics: The application offers a variety of templates and some of them are animated, enabling the user to add titles or animated texts within his video with the ability to control font color, size and type to appear uniquely.

The ability to extract 4K videos: The application supports the feature of extracting modified videos in 4K resolution with high quality and at a frame rate of 60 frames per second to obtain professional results and beautiful videos.

And other features as well: The application has an additional set of features such as the ability to modify and improve the added audio clips, and it comes with a distinct timeline that facilitates the process of editing the video for the user, and also allows the ability to change the size of the video and share it on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube , TikTok) and set a video thumbnail directly from within the app.


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